Along with my industrial major I took the opportunity to create some digital media also. I had a lot of fun with digital media because there are less restrictions on what can be created. Dreams and whims can become reality far more directly than they can in industrial design.

LZ-LxD80Coolpix'l DPCLR

every time you open the shutter

10 million pixel collectors…

harvest 30 million colours

in .001 seconds

so, what does you camera do for you?

Not very many people are going to be convinced that the LZ-LxD80Coolpix'l DPCLR actually has pixel collectors, however often fiction is more interesting than the truth. I was inspired by Dutch kinetic sculptor, Theo Jansen. On a ted talk he referred to his kinetic sculptures as creatures that 'lived' on the beaches. His sculptures had very creature-like attributes and his decision to refer to them as creatures blurs the line between fiction and reality.