Flair is a can opener capable of opening cans with one swift hit. Flair is inspired by the energy and skill of flair bar tenders and chefs.

The flair started with an analysis and a breakdown of an electric can opener; the Brevelle ezy-open. I surmised that the ezy open was not very ezy at all. It was bulky, slow and needed to be plugged into the 240V power supply. Therefore I went to work to redesign this 'ezyness'. I came up with devices to give the user mechanical advantage over the can in order for them to open it with ease. The flair uses the advantage of weight to punch through the can when it is brought down onto a hard surface.

The form takes cues from the lid of a cocktail shaker and the cans themselves. The form was designed in Solidworks then converted to G-code using Camworks to be machined by the Haas CNC lathe at Victoria University.