This was my entry to an internal design competition to re-design the school's exhibition system for the Desform 2012 conference.

Inspired by the work of Desform keynote speaker; Philip Beesley, my system forms a slightly quirky forest of bent tube for viewers to explore.

The system is very flexible and comprises of bent tube standards to which you attach shelves, monitor brackets and banner arms to exhibit printed work, digital work and models. The shelves are hooked onto the standards and are designed to be held in place by their own weight. This feature was tested on a 1:1 scale.

On one hand the system is very rationalized. It comprises of only a few simple parts to meet all the requirements of displaying an exhibition. It is light on material usage and takes up little space in storage. On the other hand it features a quirky aesthetic and unexpected cantilevered shelves that reflect the building in which it is intended for.

The entries were required to take advantage of one or more CNC manufacturing processes. My system was designed to be manufactured using a CNC tube bender a laser cutter and a CNC brake press.